Mother Lode Model T Club

BBQ & Ice Cream Tour - August 2004

As we were leaving home our reliable 1923 decided to rebel as we started up Wise Rd. So, we had to turn around, go home and get our modern car. Not nearly as much fun as riding in the Mosdel T.

along the wayThe tour left Raileys with weather specially ordered for the day. We took a leisurely drive on the most country-ish roads we could find. As jack Duncan said "the map looked like a drunken sailor chose it." Speaking of Jack (our historian of the highways), we took the group on a road he said he had never driven on. How about that!!

Crankin it After the country drive we arrived at our house (Ron & Junette Brown) where the first order of business was to get a few strong arms to crank the freezers filled with Homemade Ice Cream mixes. My nephew Bryan and his friend Jake joined club members, cranking the ice cream until it was hard. While the ice cream was setting up we enjoyed Bar-B-Qued hamburgers, polish sausage and all the delicious pot luck dishes that were brought by members.

Thanks to Bobby Weitzel and Wayne Lyndon for taking the "hot spots" over the BBQ's. Thanks to the ladies who helped in the kitchen and organization of the food table, and the members who took their turn at the cranks. A special thanks to my sister Debbie who got things started while we were touring.

Cookin Dogs FoodWe all enjoyed the homemade ice cream cooked up by myself, Vernell and Cleona. To go along with the ice cream there were other delicious dessert, including Vernell's wonderful brownies.

more ice cream